Cabernet Franc Day Vertical Tasting

Tue December 04, 2018 - 6:00pm Start Time
Nottingham Cellars
Winery Event
Members Only $35 Per Person
Cabernet Franc Day Vertical Tasting
led by Jason Montero
Come join us as we celebrate National Cabernet Franc Day! Jason Montero will be leading a presentation on this stunning noble grape with the help of the winemaking team. You will be guided on a comparative tasting of three different vintages that we’ve chosen from our library and current release. We’ll dive into the history of the varietal, its characteristics, how to visually assess the wine through the years, age-ability, and more.
To conclude, there will be a blind tasting, Q&A with the Winemaking Team Collin Cranor, Craig Ploof and Alexander Wolfe, and a few other surprises! An awesome opportunity to geek out with a small group of like-minded Cab Franc lovers,
– we hope to see you here!
Members Only – $35/Flight
6 PM Start Time
To RSVP – email directly and he will get you squared away!