Our Story

Jeff Cranor’s passion for wine brought him into the industry in 2005 as a partner in a boutique winery producing primarily Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. He saw tremendous potential and recognized the work of some new talent in the Livermore Valley. In 2007, he convinced his partner to purchase some grapes from some Livermore Valley vineyards. Needless to say, Jeff hit the nail on the head, and his passion for the Livermore Valley grew to a point that he decided to break away from his partnership and take on the region whole heartedly.

In the summer of 2006, Jeff’s son, Collin had started showing some interest in the industry. Collin worked as a glazer, but in his spare time was hanging out in the cellar taking in as much knowledge from the winemaker at the time. A few days a month turned into nights and weekends at the winery. Collin’s passion really kicked in after his first harvest in 2006 – still not old enough to legally consume his efforts. When Jeff decided to branch out, Collin took the role as winemaker.

Today Nottingham Cellars is recognized as a leader in quality and a driving force in the resurgence of this great region. The wines have taken home countless 90+ point scores and other accolades from numerous wine publications and competitions.

Mission Statement

Nottingham Cellars is passionate about and dedicated to producing world class Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux varieties and blends from the Livermore Valley. Our mission is simple – produce premier wines by partnering with vineyards that have tailored farming regimens that best express their site. Our efforts to achieve excellence have no end in sight.

History of Nottingham

The 1860’s were a time of major development in this region we now call the Livermore Valley. Some 25 years had passed since Robert Livermore had planted the first commercial wine grapes of the region and the town was in the midst of its renaissance. Its time as a stopping point for the gold rush was coming to an end, and the town was starting to create its own identity. The area remained nameless for some time, only land grants being indicators. That was until the Nottingham Post Office opened on January 25, 1869. The name of the post office was changed on July 7, 1870 when William Mendenhall established a formal City Hall. Nottingham Cellars wines are a tribute to the rich history that precedes us and the future of world class wine making in this Valley.