Prominent Vineyard Sites

Casa De Vinas – Casa de Vinas is our benchmark vineyard. The 20 acre parcel is planted to 3 clones of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Cabernet Franc. The Cabernet Sauvignon is the backbone to Nottingham Cellars. A small section of the vineyard was planted to Malbec and Cabernet Franc exclusively for us and is used in Supremacy as well as single offering wines. The vineyard is primarily comprised of Pleasanton gravelly loam, but a number of other soils exist at this site. The soil provides incredible drainage, almost no signs of water the day after rain. The wines are big and rich and absolutely delicious.

Smith Ranch – The rolling hills provide beautiful benches in the land with an array of different exposures to the sun as well as elevation and soil changes. The site was meticulously designed to take full advantage of these varying factors. Block 470 is farmed to produce rich, dense wines – no detail goes unnoticed. The goal is to set very little fruit and tighten it up throughout the growing season. We prune to one chute per position and one cluster per shoot. The resulting wines are phenomenal. Block 420, the top bench, is a bit more vigorous early on and sets a bit more fruit. This area of the vineyard can handle the load as it consistently delivers wines we are thrilled with.

Harris Tesla Vineyard – This high elevation vineyard boasts not only exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon, but easily one of the most stunning views one will ever see. It sits on a hilltop smack in the middle of the South Side of Livermore overlooking the majority of the region. The Cabernet Sauvignon is equally as stunning. The clone 337 Cabernet is V trellised and oriented east and west along the ridge. This makes for wines that are rich with fully developed flavors. The vineyard has the ability to harness both body and balanced acid and tannin lines. The wine is used for Supremacy and also is available as a Vineyard Designate.

Sachau Vineyard – High atop the Livermore Valley floor, off the main roads, behind the bustling wine community sits a hillside vineyard that produces world class Merlot. Planted in the late 1990’s to take full advantage of the varying hillside elevation changes and exposures to the sun, Sachau is cranking out exceptional Merlot. While staying true to its fleshy varietal character, this Merlot is certainly full bodied and boasts and much denser, black fruit profile than we are used to, and we love it! The wine is used in Supremacy and is also offered as a Micro-Lot single variety.