Nottingham Cellars efforts to produce world class Bordeaux style wines is seen through its Supremacy offering. Supremacy is comprised of the five noble Bordeaux varieties. Each variety is selected from the finest vineyards that best express the grape. We produce Cabernet Sauvignon from several different vineyards in the Livermore Valley; each bringing its own character to our portfolio. We also produce Micro-Lots of single variety offerings of all of the components used for Supremacy as well as Vineyard Designated Cabernet Sauvignon.

Winemaking Philosophy

From the time the vines are pruned for the growing season to the day the wine is released, no detail goes unnoticed. Flavor development starts in the vineyard, and we do everything we can to reduce vigor early on and limit our yields. This includes chute thinning and fruit dropping throughout the growing season. We harvest each block by hand when it hits optimal ripeness. Optimal ripeness to us is not a numbers driven decision, it is about flavor. When the fruit arrives at the winery, it is gently handled all the way through production. Cluster and berry sorting occurs on each lot at destemming; and we typically ferment most reds whole berry. The wines are fermented in Micro-Lots, primarily 1 ton open top bins. The must is pressed on each lot when we feel we have hit a mouth feel and flavor profile we sought after. From here the wines undergo Malo-Lactic Fermentation in barrel and are cellared in the world’s best cooperages until they have reached a maturity level. The wines are bottle aged so the day they are released they are ready to enjoy. We believe our winemaking style allows us to create wines that will age gracefully in your cellar.

Varietal Breakdown

Cabernet Sauvignon – Accounting for nearly 80% of our total volume, Cabernet Sauvignon is our driving force. We produce Cabernet Sauvignon from multiple vineyards every year. The finest lots from the best performing vineyards of the vintage are used to construct Supremacy as well as offered as Vineyard Designate Cabernet Sauvignon. The Livermore Valley is capable of growing world class Cabernet Sauvignon with tremendous richness and complexity.

Cabernet Franc – An important grape in our portfolio, Cabernet Franc is vital to the Supremacy blend because of its ability to create complexity. The Cabernet Franc we have been producing gives us a component that helps drive acid and structure to wine. Its drying, gripping tannins and austere flavor profile are the perfect counter balance to our meaty and viscous Cabernet Sauvignon based blends.

Malbec – Black in color and flavors, Malbec is an essential component because of its lively dark fruit flavors and aromatics. It is used sparingly in the Supremacy blend as a little goes a long way. Malbec provides a nice fat mouth feel to blends. On its own, the wine is powerful and rich, but maintains a good acid line and the wines tend to have drive all the way to the finish.

Merlot – The red fruit driven component of the blend, Merlot is here to provide a soft, round wine which works great when blending with concentrated angular flavors and mouth feel from the other components. The wine is juicy and fun while maintaining its integrity. On its own, our Merlot is a crowd pleaser with is vivacious fleshy red fruit and its soft, supple palate.

Petit Verdot – Petit Verdot can be expressed in a number of ways, some leaning towards the more floral, soft and round style, or the more dense, rich and rustic style. Going too far in one direction makes for a wine that isn’t quite complete. A fine line is drawn for Petit Verdot. In our portfolio we strive to ride that line to get the best of both worlds. Rich and dense, the wine can help fill the mid palate of a blend, but also provide unique aromatics. On its own we strive to deliver a wine that is complete.