Passport Series

England, Australia, Tasmania, Africa, France, America… These are just a few of the countries traveled to by Vasco Urbano Louriero throughout his life.  The ‘Passport Series’ wines are a nod to Vasco’s worldly travels and inspired by his free spirit and love for sharing his art.  As our quest to grow and learn, and expand our varietal reach continues, we have started seeking out Rhone varieties from remarkable vineyards outside the Livermore Valley.  We have partnered with amazing growers throughout the Central Coast to create these single vineyard expressions.  These wines provide us with a different perspective outside of our coveted Valley as well as a bigger breadth of available Rhone varieties to produce in our portfolio.

The first Passport Series wines are Grenache Blanc from Siletto Vineyard in San Benito County and Coco Blanc, a Marsanne/Roussanne blend from Cechinni Vineyard in Contra Costa.  With limitless possibilities to come!!