2016 Brunswick Petite Sirah


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The 2016 vintage of Brunswick Petite Sirah brings me back to a time when everyone lived life at the moment, ambition outweighed fear, and important life decisions were made at 2 am over greasy burgers and fries with your closest group of friends. The nose reminds me of the panicked mornings when you’d be sprinting out the door balancing an unfrosted blueberry Pop-Tart on top of your hot mug of Earl Grey tea hoping to sneak into the class you’re already late for. Subtle aromas of vanilla curl your eyebrows from the scented lotion your lab partner slathers on when she was clearly told not to, but no one cares because it smells delightful. The palate offers the same intensity as you did the night before a final exam with a triple berry Fig Newton between your teeth and laptop balancing in one hand with your other hand buried in a box of Raisinets. Looking for that sugar rush to push you through this cram session. The finish, however, is pleasantly dry. The rambunctious tannin firmly grips your tongue with a slightly savory, almost black pepper beef jerky quality. FYI, the tannin in this wine is no joke, they take over your palate the same way blasting Chumbawamba on your Discman takes over your ears. You’ll get knocked down, but you’ll get up again...it’s never gonna keep you down. The moment you think it’s over, the second wave of flavors roll through like cascading blueberries and coffee beans picking up velocity down a hill of dark chocolate. It’s kinda like extra credit, you think all the points are accounted for but there is a bonus at the end. Who doesn’t like that?

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