2018 Sheriff GSM




The current release of our beloved Sheriff is both a comforting classic and a vehicle to bigger and better things. Think of this magical blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre as the trusty big wheel tricycle you had when you were a kid. Up front you have the biggest wheel, let’s call that Grenache, charging forward and leading the way with surges of strawberry and cherry blow-pops and a vibrant acidity as if you ate pop rocks then drank a cherry cola. The left rear wheel is the foundation, we’ll call that Syrah. It is sturdy, unwavering, and adds depth of blue and black fruit. It sort of tumbles around on your palate like the black olives you used to put on your fingers before eagerly devouring them while playing outside. Last but certainly not least, the rear right wheel is Mourvedre. Without this third piece you wouldn’t get anywhere, not that far anyway. That being said, this last component provides the length of finish that the other two have, but not to this degree. It’s tannic structure and meaty aromas lets you know that this is the real deal. You now have a vehicle to take you on your wildest adventures. Liberating, isn’t it?

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