Prominent Vineyard Sites

Casa De Vinas – We source 100% of our Petite Sirah from the famed Casa de Vinas vineyard in the heart of the Livemore Valley. The Clone 3 Petite Sirah was planted in 2004 on rootstock s04. This combination is a perfect match for the gravelly soils of Casa de Vinas. We are able to reduce vigor early on by limiting irrigation and a detailed pruning plan. We farm for flavors from day one until the fruit is picked.

Marina Ranch – Marina Ranch is a hillside vineyard planted in the mid 90’s for high end Rhone production. The Grenache from the hillside block provides the back bone to our GSM and is offered as a single variety wine. The vineyard is oriented north and south allowing the vineyard to shade itself as the sun travels from the southeast to the southwest during the growing season allowing the vines to create balanced flavors with high tuned acidity and gripping tannins.

Hayes Ranch – Adjacent to the Marina Ranch hillside where we source our Grenache is the Hayes Ranch where we source Syrah from a south facing hillside. The vineyard is farmed at a premium level, usually resulting in yields less than 3 tons to the acre. The hillside eats up the sun during the warmest days of the growing season resulting in rich, dense Syrah.

Vasco Vineyard – On the Valley floor just a stone’s throw from the winery is the Vasco Vineyard. We source Syrah and Mourvedre from this vineyard for blending components in the GSM blend. The Syrah has high tuned acid and a lot of meaty black fruit, while the Mourvedre brings notes of white pepper and allspice as well as a plumy component to the blend. Eventually our plan is to offer these wines as single varietal vineyard designated wines.