Vasco Urbano sources Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre from the finest vineyards in the Livemore Valley to create a single wine, The Sherriff. We also offer single variety wines of these wines, as well as Petite Sirah from the famed Casa De Vinas vineyard. The Casa De Vinas Petite Sirah is our flagship wine and represents the best components from various blocks throughout the vineyard. We also offer Petite Sirah from individual blocks in the vineyard.

Winemaking Philosophy

From the time the vines are pruned for the growing season to the day the wine is released, no detail goes unnoticed. Flavor development starts in the vineyard, and we do everything we can to reduce vigor early on and limit our yields. This includes chute thinning and fruit dropping throughout the growing season. We harvest each block by hand when it hits optimal ripeness. Optimal ripeness to us is not a numbers driven decision, it is about flavor. When the fruit arrives at the winery, it is gently handled all the way through production. Cluster and berry sorting occurs on each lot at destemming, and we typically ferment most reds whole berry. The wines are fermented in Micro-Lots, primarily 1 ton open top bins. The must is pressed on each lot when we feel we have hit a mouth feel and flavor profile we sought after. From here the wines undergo malo-lactic fermentation in barrel and are cellared in the world’s best cooperages until they have reached a maturity level. The wines are bottle aged so the day they are released they are ready to enjoy. We believe our winemaking style allows us to create wines that will age gracefully in your cellar.

Varietal Breakdown

Petite Sirah– Big, black, tannic, fruity, and just damn delicious. Petite Sirah from Casa de Vinas is something we have not experienced anywhere. The wine hits all of the notes we love. It’s delicious, fun, easy drinking and the wines seem to age gracefully even though they can be a bit brooding early on. We offer Petite Sirah as a vineyard designated wine from Casa de Vinas, but those looking to compare different blocks in the vineyard will love our block designated wines as well.

Grenache – We source Grenache from three prominent vineyards in the Livermore Valley, each bringing their own unique twist to this lovely food friendly variety. Grenache is the backbone to our GSM rhone style red blend and also is offered as a single variety wine from the Marina Ranch. The rich red fruit and high tuned acidity makes for the perfect base of a blend and is absolutely gorgeous on its own. We also produce a Rose of Grenache that is the perfect poolside wine for your warm summer nights.

Syrah – Syrah is produced to drive the earthy aromatics signature of the Rhone, as well as black fruit and density. The Syrah is sourced from a handful of vineyards throughout the Livermore Valley to give us a number of blending options. On its own, the wine is viscous, tannic and rich with great black and blue fruit characters while maintaining its earthy qualities.

Mourvedre – Another excellent contributor to creating complexity, especially aromatically, Mourvedre is used sparingly in the GSM blend but a little goes a long way. Mourvedre brings the all spice and white pepper notes to our GSM but also contributes some nice round blue fruit. On its own, the wine is purple in color and has great acidity and tannin levels with a unique gamey aromatic expression. This one calls for juicy lamb burger.

Viognier – Our only white, we think Viognier is the most expressive white grape around. Its signature floral and tropical aromatics coupled with its lean, racy acid line are best expressed with minimal oak intervention and no malo-lactic fermentation. Our Viognier is vibrant on the palate and makes for the perfect summertime wine on its own, but also pairs extremely well with flaky white fish, shellfish and pasta with creamy white sauces.