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Snapshot of how we got here

Nottingham Cellars was launched in 2009 by the Cranor Family with a singular mission to produce world-class, site-driven wines from a handful of local vineyards on the Central Coast.  Over the years, Nottingham explored many regions producing small lots of many varieties from a number of sites, along the way dialing in the “house style”.
After a decade in Livermore, CA, NC winemaking headquarters moved to Napa to be close to their growing partners as they began to explore Napa Valley and Sonoma County.  Today, the winery produces its flagship wine, “The Pivot”, an Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon.
The exploratory nature of the winery continues to this day.  In addition to “The Pivot”, Collin is constantly on the hunt for exciting new vineyards and has created a program of constantly evolving sites and wines. These offerings are the driving spirit of the program.  It is here the winemaking team gets to experiment with different sites, fermentation, and aging strategies, trial new barrels, and flesh out new winemaking strategies. Often times, they find sites and make them permanent fixtures in their lineup. Sometimes they run the wine for a few years and move on. 

The team has an affinity for old vines, historic sites and well-known growers, however, the only mandatory criteria to the team is whether or not the wines produced from these sites reflect their varietal and wine-growing origins. 

This exploratory-driven mentality helps the winemaking team hone their craft by taking on the various challenges and nuances from a number of different vineyards with a broad range of growing conditions. The result is a portfolio of exciting wines produced each vintage.
“Of all of our accomplishments at Nottingham Cellars, the team I am surrounded by every day is the thing I am most proud of.”
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